Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real

Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real

In my well traveled opinion, The Promise of The Real breaks all labels or genres. Given the fact that lead vocalist/guitarist (leader), Lukas Nelson, has to live with his country heritage, father Willie. From the day I did a phone interview with Lukas for this site, I knew that what he had going was special. Once at the show, I experienced The Promise of the Real, first hand. As Lukas had said, “We are like a soccer team…” Everyone in the band or with the band are truly  friendly and open people, a trait not always  present in the music world. Hopefully they are starting the Revolution~

It is for this reason that I am breaking the rule for posting your photographs: “Only post your best.” The band allowed me to shoot the whole show from anywhere on or off the stage. For that I thank the Band in their support of and  “LIVE” Music~ Here are 50 Plus  shots of one of the hottest bands playing today.

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