Evan J. Thomas

Evan J. Thomas

I met Evan at the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show in Chicago. Evan is a seasoned concert photographer, whose work is in demand.

Evan J. Thomas is a professional photographer & writer for 312 Sports.com, Photographer & Writer for Men’s Weekly.net  He is the owner of StarStruck Paparazzi Follow Evan on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

Growing up, Evan always loved shooting with his film camera, capturing family events, Cubs games and nature.  Seeing his father James Thomas as a photographer it made Evan eventually look towards photography as a hobby and potential career.

Evan began his photography career in the mid 1990’s initially photographing his friend’s band Mantrauf.  One night in 1997 after a Deftones show at the Riviera he met “Auggie Doggie” outside selling bootleg tapes of shows.  “Auggie” asked him if he would be interested in shooting a new band at the Metro that he knew.  Some of the bands that played the Metro that night were Relative Ash, Soil and the up and coming Chicago band Disturbed.  The rest is history…

Contact me at EvanJThomas@att.net 630-267-2166


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