Ed Heaton

Ed Heaton

Ed Heaton

I met Ed in a seminar he was teaching¬† in the Amana Colonies. My work in photography is mainly done with low light. After two days with Ed, I am beginning to learn how to see the perfect light. Ed taught me how to frame my shots, and to slow down…

About Ed:

Ed is a published and award winning photographer residing in Chestrer County, Pennsylvania who specializes in landscape, nature and travel photography. Ed’s passion for the outdoors is definitely reflected in his photography. His ability to capture light and make extraordinary images from ordinary subjects is truly a gift. Ed’s combination of traditional and innovated techniques have been instrumental in his success. For over seven years, Ed has conducted his workshops, seminars, and classes on an ongoing basis.


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George Burrows
Written by George Burrows

George Burrows grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Iowa State University. George created Live Gig Shots to promote his enthusiasm of live music. George collaborates with a talented group of photographers, writers, musicians and promoters to bring a varied array of artistic content to the site. George's niche is jazz and the blues. "Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple." -Charles Mingus -

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