About Live Gig Shots

About Live Gig Shots

Live Gig Shots is a live music photography website based is in the Midwest. Live Gig Shots maintain a professional group of photographers, writers and contributors whose passion for music cover an eclectic array of artistic expression.  Photos: Charles “Rain” Black /Edward Spinelli /Paul Adams/George Burrows  Writers: Nathan Emerson/Scott Tipping .

Paul Adams and George Burrows 

George  created Live Gig Shots following forty years of attending live music events, evolving from his enthusiastic audience participant to a determination to document his experiences first hand. George’s insights and connections into the world of music has proved invaluable as Live Gig Shots captures artistic expression through concert photography, artist interviews and relevant industry news.

Paul became a primary photojournalist for the Live Gig Shots in 2012 after regularly contributing photographs, content and technical shooting advice throughout the life of the site since its inception in 2010. George met Paul during Paul’s tenure as manager of Porter’s Camera in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Paul’s shooting style blends a photo-journalistic approach with an artful eye; providing a unique depth to the event being covered. His work is quickly recognizable and some of the best event photography being produced today.

Live Gig Shots welcome contributing writers/photographers. 

Please Contact  us for information-Thanks

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